Price 7 700€

Barracuda 470

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Family boat designed for one-day trips will impress even the most demanding ones.

Like all models produced in “Barracuda” model 470 will delight you with maximum use of space within the vessel. At only 470 cm long and 230 cm wide this boat can easily accommodate things staggering dimensions and equipment that have a meter larger vessels.

How would it be possible inside of the vessel is elaborated down to the last centimeter and every seemingly without significant detail has its purpose. When creating models, special attention was focused on passenger safety especially children. When driving one of the passengers do not sit on the tire (balancing on the edge of the ship), but each traveler has his padded seat inside the boat and adequate grip.

Barracuda 470 model produced for the past ten years that our company exists and is manufactured in over a hundred copies.

Lenght overall 4,78 m
Hull beam 2,32 m
Light displacement 220 kg ex engine
Fuel 75 lit
Water 60 lit
Engines From 40-70 HP outbord
Material Hypalon
Price /standard equipment 7.700 EUR ex VAT

Contact Information

  • AB Yachting d.o.o., Parmova ulica 41, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • (+386 41642079
  • Mon – Fri: 09:00AM – 16:00PM